Friday, 28 May 2021

 Mistress Miko


Now tell me why you want to be punished.”

“I ... it is something from my youth”, he said hesitatingly.

“Well, what about it?”

“It was my aunt, my mother’s elder sister. I was staying with her for the weekend. I was twelve then.”

“What happened?”

“I broke a vase, an expensive one. She was mad at me; pulled me across her lap and spanked me. She pulled down my pants and underpants and I could see inside her dress. Her breasts were big and beautiful. And then ...”

His voice trailed off, as if he was reliving a memory.

“And then?”

“She pulled me across her lap and her skirt rode up all the way and … and … I could see her crotch. She had no knickers on…”

“Yes; and?”

“She spanked me with a large hairbrush until my butt was red and sore. But the thought of her crotch and her big breasts and the pain excited me. Suddenly, I wanted her to keep slapping me forever. And then I had this wonderful feeling in my loins. I moaned and struggled and when she let me get up, there was a blotch of sticky stuff on her thighs…” 

“What did she say?”

“That I was a dirty boy; that I needed to be spanked again. And she did, several times that weekend.”

“And you enjoyed it?”

“Yes Mistress” he said guiltily. “Each time after she spanked me, she would, spread her legs wide apart and made me jerk off, looking at her fingering her cunt.”

“Right; it is clear how I must punish you”, Mistress Dawn said. “Go behind that curtain and undress completely.”

Thursday, 27 May 2021

 A Riveting Tale!

Summer Tranny

"Do you want to be my Tranny lover for tonight? It is just an exciting game, a role-play for adults. And it is only for tonight!", his stepmom whispered seductively while she caressed his young body, clad in the erotic lingerie he had bought on the web for his crossdressing.

And yes, that night was a sizzling erotic experience! Something he had never dared to dream of! He eagerly agrees to another night and them another one, overwhelmed by the intense sexual pleasure she gives him, Night after night, she takes him to tremendous erotic heights. While by day, she gives him deportment lessons. And make-up instruction to make himself look glamorously feminine. Soon, he completely identifies with his new shemale identity. His stepmom takes him out to shop for underwear and shoes and clothes, and to his surprise he enjoys the experience  
But during all this, he remains totally unaware of the fact that he is getting more and more entangled in a slowly closing web.
Then, one fateful day, the web closes with a harsh snap, and the magnitude of the trap she has lured him into is revealed. He has been completely transformed into a full-time shemale escort! And there is no going back!   

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Lesbian Milking

It was just a Sunday afternoon
Their husbands at the ballgame
and nobody else at home.
They could not resist the temptation!

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Turning into a shemale...

Carl to Carla
The story of a Transformation


The touch of the delicate nylon fabric on his bare skin is both alien and surprisingly seductive and his erection grows as he smoothly slides the stockings up his legs and clasps the shiny tabs to the tops.  His feet slip into the pumps and his heart races as he buckles up the ankle straps. Feeling a bit giddy, he puts on the ash-blonde wig and gets up from the edge of the bed.

He takes his first, uncertain steps in the six-inch heels and, unable to resist the urge to see how he looks in his erotic lingerie, he heads for the master bedroom. Marveling at the feel of walking in the unfamiliar pumps and enraptured by the sound of his high heels that clack loudly on the shiny, parqueted floor, he walks down the hall as fast as he dares., swaying his hips and with his rock-hard erection jutting out in front of him
A fur coat is hanging near the door of the master bedroom and, after a moment’s hesitation, he puts it on. The light-tan and grey coat comes down to his stockinged knees and the feel of the fur excites him even more. And with the silky fur tightly wrapped around him, he strides into the master bedroom and his heart leaps at the vision in the double floor to ceiling mirror.

A fur-clad female with short, ash-blonde hair and in sheer black stockings, smiles back at him. She sways her hips this way and that, wobbling a bit in her shiny black stiletto heels and the vision becomes even more erotically alluring when she slowly, deliberately opens her fur coat. She lets it slide down, revealing her corseted, gartered and stockinged body.
With a rock-hard erection jutting out from her groin like a flagpole, she stretches out on the coat, draped on the floor in front of the mirror and her body quivers when the fur softly caresses her naked skin. Leaning on one elbow she stares mesmerized at her image in the mirror. Rubbing her nyloned legs together, she unconsciously clasps her hand around her excited cock and moves it up and down the hard shaft

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

Lesbian Delight!

There's nothing so intensely  arousing as the sight of two attractive women having sex. How they kiss, caress, stroke, finger, rub their tits and cunts together, slowly building up a magnificent orgasm.
Here are some examples,

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Turned into a slave maid!


Three short BDSM and Fetish stories that will keep you turning pages.
Rent-A-Maid; One fateful day, a bored ex-pat's wife stumbles upon a garage sale where she finds a mardi-gras fetish maid's outfit. She buys it and that same night, she dresses up as a fetish slave-maid, hoping to spice up her slowly deteriorating sex-life.. It is a great success.
But what started just to have fun and sex unexpectedly takes an ugly and ominous turn. Before long, she finds herself being rented out as a Fetish Bondage Maid and her prospects are frightening.
My Next-Door Neighbor; It sounds nice to be erotically rewarded for helping a mature lady out of a serious predicament But what sounds so nice turns out to be a velvet lined bondage trap from which there is no escape.
Flight into Bondage; A technician is sent off in the middle of the Nordic winter to solve a problem at a site north of the polar circle. Unsuspectingly, he walks off the airplane and straight into a sophistically set up and inescapable female dominance ploy for which he has been selected beforehand.

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Sunday, 19 January 2020

But I thought this was a screen test...

It was to be a screen test, wasn’t it? But why in a SM studio and why the fetish clothing, a young girl wonders when she reports for an ‘audition’ with a video production company. Bewildered, frightened and amazed, she is seduced into a lesbian relationship. And as she gradually makes her way into the world of professional erotic video productions, she learns that most of this world is about money. But sometimes also about love and friendship. And that it means power over others and a splendid chance for cold-blooded revenge.

A sizzling novella that takes you into the bizarre world of erotic video productions!
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